8th November 2016, 20:00 hours, Prime minister of India, Narendra Modi made an unscheduled announcement, ceasing the usage of the old currency notes of 500 and 1000 of the mahatma gandhi series, Modi declared that the use of these notes would be invalid after midnight of that day, whereas announced the issuance of new 500 & 2000 notes in exchange of the old ones. However, other banknotes such as 100, 50, 20, 10 and 5 remained unaffected by the announcement including the coins of 1 and 2.

It was further claimed by the government of India that this action had taken place to stop the usage of current banknotes for funding terrorism and at the same time put an end to black money in the country

The government of India also declared that this move is a vital step towards an end to corruption, smuggling and usage of drugs.

However, 9th November and the days following, banks and ATM’s faced extreme cash shortage which left many small businesses to a stand still.

As the saying goes “no gain without pain”. Therefore , to continue with there living people had to stand and wait in lengthy queues for the exchange of old currency to the new ones.

Pain and human cost is inevitable in an exercise like this but a push of DIGITIZATION before DEMONETIZATION. Would have helped ease the pain a bit, says Anuradha Sen Gupta in conversation with India’s biggest banker, Arundhati Bhattacharya. She also reacts to criticism of the RBI’s handling of Demonetization and says restrictions on the withdrawal should be eased gradually.

However, this pain of standing in queue lead to many deaths as this announcement made by PM Modi has not only affected the rich but also the poor.

Initially, this move gained a helping hand by 80% population of this country which includes several banker, politicians and of course the public. Whereas, on the other hand several political parties were strongly against the move further leading to quarrels and debates in both the houses of Parliament.

Chief Minister’s of other states got a topic of discussion. West bengal’s chief minister, Mamta banerjee, without mentioning Prime minister Narendra modi’s name said if someone after coming to power thinks himself to be a ‘dictator’, it is not “good for the country”.
She further targeted PM Modi on note ban saying the industrial scenario in the country has worsened in the last two months because of Demonetization.

Prime Minister, Narendra Modi had requested the people of this country to manage till the next 50 days from the date of announcement, promising that things will turn out to be better after that, to this statement,  BSP’s chief, Mayawati again targeted him on demonetization saying, the relief that he promised has thereafter continued to cause misery even after the end of 50 days and asked the Prime Minister to seek forgiveness from the people for making them undergo so much distress.
She further stated that the poor, the middle class, the working class, expected some relief after the announcement made on the 31st of December, 2016, to which nothing happened.

Demonetization has acted as a catalyst in many business activities. People planning to buy homes have postponed there purchase decision, whereas owner have reduced there price to sell there homes.
This move by the government of India is expected to be clear by april 2017 till then all we can do is, wait and hope for the best.

Shefali Arya



Stop being a pushover. Stop behaving like you are the only one dealing with such a situation. Everyone have there own and even worse situations. All you need to do is focus a little and things are sorted.
Breakout of your comfort zone.
Of course people will give you times when you don’t believe in yourself but why focus in that, let them do there work while you do yours.
Embrace your glitch. Its just a bug which can be fixed. Follow your dreams. Live. Existing, many souls are doing that, you don’t have to be the same, be different. Don’t wait for things to fall into place. Improve yourself everyday. Just act, whether you are ready or not, start right now. As the saying goes “There is magic in action”



Karma fucks you like anything.
People screw you up. Relax, sit back and wait karma will screw them up and darling if you are lucky, you’ll be able to watch them getting screwed.
People are complicated. You must play games. You must lie. You’ll have to pretend like you don’t care even if you do. You’ll have to ignore calls even if you want to pick up. You’ll have to unavailable if you are too available, people get turned off.
Its change everything for me to pretend like i don’t care. I actually stop giving a fuck.


I don’t think its the effort that love is based on.
I gave you $10
And she gave you $100
You thought she was great only because she gave you more but she had $1000
And all i could manage was $10


But i think the person i am dating should not just find how cute and adorable i am.
I want him to find the most insignificant deep questions i have in mind, if he really want to do something for me, find me an answer to those questions. I want him to touch and feel every single scar on my body. Also, i want him to listen to the story behind them. Favorite songs and movies, he is aware of it but does he know the reason behind them. May be no.
If you really want to give me birthday or Christmas presents, present me with some lovely surprises like these.

“who gave you the rights to hide away all your feelings? I didn’t.”

Yes. You sure didn’t.
I didn’t hide anything.
I just didn’t want anyone to know that i am broken into millions of pieces.
May be i felt Hiraeth- the yearning, the grief for someone that was never yours, to experience a deep sense of incompleteness tinged with longings.
But you know what? At the same time i feel Elixir just by the thought that i am privileged to think about him that way. I know i am not supposed to think about him all the time and i am also not supposed to get addicted to bottle of wine that keeps me going through every night.
But i am soon going to get used to this cringe and all his memories will fade away.
Because yes, happy endings do exist.


You are an angel who sways her magical wand and things magically turn beautiful.
All those who said “you’re not even worth it” didn’t really see what you are worthy of.
Faults and flaws are part and parcel of everyone’s life i totally agree, but you are blessed with that magical power to turn a fault into perfection as i said you are an angel.
Your eyes speak the bitter truth which not everybody likes, but as i said “bitter truth”, it’s not always liked.

//things my mother tells me always//
//things i’ll tell my daughter always//