The beginning

I have always wanted to write, write anything but write.
Its not like i don’t have friends to share things with, because i do.
Its just that i want to write and keep writing.

When i left school, i wanted to do english honors. Not because i am very good in English, only because i love English, even though English is not my mother tongue.
People love physics, maths, biology, chemistry and lot more but my interests are a little different.

My father, the most honest man on earth.
He has  tought me to be honest, no matter what, even if you are doing the wrong thing, just be true.
I have seen many phases of my father, the strict one, the funny one, the tired one, the worried one. But through all these phases one thing was constant the hard work he does for us.
Still i lie to him many times.
Still i disrespect him sometimes.
I hate doing so.

My mother, or you can even call her my best friend.
Best friends share everything with each other, she follow the rules, but i don’t.
She is my biggest inspiration.
She is my greatest supporter.
Still i disrespect her sometimes,
I again hate doing so.

My younger sister.
The most beautiful girl.
She is the purest  person i have ever seen.

My younger brother.
Oh! you don’t want to hear anything about him, because your stomach might start aching with laughter on hearing his naughtiness.

As this is my first, not many people are going to read it.
But here i am still writing.



12 thoughts on “The beginning

  1. That was straight from your heart. There are few things which we can’t share with everyone and reading your post gave me a feeling that you share those secrets with your diary and now at wordpress! All the best for your blog and future prospects! πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

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