Girls are NOT “good for nothing”.

A boy always seems to be moving since he is born! They are spontaneous ,fun loving and rough.

They are allowed to enjoy outdoor plays.

whereas in this society girls seem to be hidden behind the walls of firstly their fathers house and later their husbands house.
well! On the other hand India is called a free and democratic country. If this is democracy,
we are lagging behind.

freedom is not only for boys,it is for the people of India, and in the people of India GIRLS are
also included.

Billions of girls are either killed before they come to this world or by any chance if they have
unfortunately taken birth ,then they are not given proper care ,education,health, at the same time there brothers are given all the things education ,health etc.

I agree! Girl and boy are two different genders, god has created this particular difference for a specific reason, not because
you can like demotivate girls saying “we are good for nothing”.

P.S- No offence please. This is what i personally feel is happening in India, even though i have never gone through all this.
I have always been a very independent girl, have been away from my family since my childhood, only to study, stand on my own feet, and become someone great
and i must say the credit goes to my FATHER who has always been with me, and motivated me every second .I so love him.

Thanks for reading.



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