Our life has three phases.

  • past
  • present
  • future

Past ,if good ,we love to remember it. But if bad, no point regreting it ,its gone .

Present ,if  good, enjoy it. But if bad , fight for it to be good .

Last but not the least

FUTURE, the good and bad about our future depends on our past and present.

So talking a little about my past ,my past was great ,i love to remember it .Its always been adventurous ,i have always lived independently like a free bird that has kept on flying high in the sky. My first step towards life was my school, “ALL SAINTS’ COLLEGE, NAINITAL” which has tought me how to smile , eat, walk, talk, dress etc.

If there is one thing that has seen me grow from five years to sixteen years, then that the old and prestigious walls of my school. “The workers”  ,who though are considered of low status but have contributed the most to it . “The caretakers”, who tought me how to dress up, make my hair etc . “The food makers”, who have always kept me full with delicious food , and never made me realize that my mother is not around.”The teachers”, who made me educated and well mannered.

It has  always tought me that “challenges are stepping stones and stumbling blocks ,its just the matter how you view them”. Today after so many years i am feeling nostalgic ,now i am sure you must be thinking why am i felling nostalgic today after such a long time ,well! i am in my final years of my college and trust me i am loaded badly with what to do and what not to do ,with what to choose and what not to choose ,with where to go and where not to go ,i am hanging in the middle .

Therefore, i want to go back and re-live those days when losing a pencil was the biggest fear ,when stress was not even in our dictionary, when crying was just for five seconds , and just one chocolate made our day the most special, when life was easy ,when getting lost in the crowd was not our tension ,when eating on time was not what we had to worry about ,when “ABCD…..” was so tough ,when learning to walk was all when we fell.

I must say life is best when you are a child .



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