I was wrong. Yes, this world is full of fictitious people.
Appreciation??  They tend to forget this word every now and then.
People if i  take out my precious time to do something for you, that’s only to make you feel that yes, you are the most important person to me, then please don’t forget to appreciate it.
I wouldn’t do so much for you if you weren’t someone else to me.
Learn to be thankful for you have such people in your life, because some don’t.
They are alone and no body is there to take care of them.
You know what? if the same time, same care, same love is given to someone who needs it badly. They would drop down to my feet thanking me for spending time with them.
That’s true appreciation.
Don’t forget to do that from now.
I am not asking you to drop down to my feet but at least be happy for it.
That happiness of yours will take me to cloud 9.
Because if you won’t, you might have to be alone like those people who don’t have friends.
Be happy that you have one.

– Shefali.


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