Special person


Have you ever been alone??
And then suddenly someone leaves a text on your phone asking you “are you free”.
Have you ever felt the need to share a good talk with someone??
And suddenly you hear your door bell ring and to your surprise its a friend with a wine bottle saying “lets talk”.
Have you ever felt the need to go for shopping with a friend??
And suddenly your phone rings, it a person asking you “can you come along with me for shopping? ”
If all of the above things have actually happened with you,  just pause for a minute, and think about that person, that if you are gone. The amount of pain they’ll go through, there life will completely be shattered,  they’ll be torn apart.
Remember you are part of someone’s happiness, you actually make a person smile. That one moment of happiness that you get when you put a smile on someone’s face is success.
A five year old boy loved his elder sister a lot, once she asked him why do you love me so much?  He said “because you bring gifts for me”
The next moment she said to him “fine i’ll go away from you forever, but you don’t worry i’ll ask someone to provide you with gifts as i do”
To her surprise, the five year old boy started crying and said ” i don’t want any gifts from you, all i want is you, never leave me”
Remember, your life is precious for someone or the other, its just you still haven’t found them.



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