Live full, die empty.

We wake up every day.
With a roof over our head.
Big comfortable bed under our back.
Fridge always full of food.
We never have to worry about homelessness and starvation because we have everything and these were the things that made life dangerous a hundred years ago and that time this was the biggest complaint from life
Now we have certain other complaints

When you grow up
You study, take a job that you don’t even really mind, raise kids and then later you tell everyone, what a good life you had.
Nothing bad about that.
Nothing wrong with that.
Nothing INSPIRING about that.
This is life.
And its easy.
But living, truly living, chasing a dream, being passionate about something is hard.
Always ask yourself
What are you dying to do?
And answering the question is just not enough
You need to keep that fire burning.
You need to feed it.
You need to live for it.
You need to remind yourself that you are dying, you are dying to something.
The second you forget, its over.



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