20 years from now

20 years from now when my daughter’s heart will be broken by some random guy she fell in love with. I will lay her head on my laps, run my finger through her hair with one hand and with the other hand, hold on to her hand tight and strong. So that she doesn’t feel left out, she doesn’t feel she is alone, she doesn’t feel that she is the only one who is going through all this.
That day i will tell her my story.
My story about how i met a guy.
A random guy, that made my heart skip a beat.
How i struggled to talk to him, to be his, and he be mine.
How he ignored me at first, and how my love transformed him into someone else.
How we spent all nights on the phone.
Then i will tell her that it is a custom.
A custom for a girl’s heart to be broken once in her life time.
But this shouldn’t stop you from moving on.
I will tell her how my mother supported me and that’s what i am doing today.
What i will not tell her is, how i still love that guy, how i cry sometimes when he is missed a lot, how i curse my luck not to have him forever, how i regret not calling him your father.
20 years from now and so on
I have and always will love you.



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