Its that hour of the day in a year when you fell completely miserable about how your life is going on, how are things working, how are people reacting to your thoughts and ideas, you are tossing any turning on your comfortable bed with all bulked up thoughts, you are restless and all fucked up. You try to talk to you mom and end up pissing her off. You try to converse with your dad and end up getting a nice blow. You give a last try and talk to your best friend, and guess what, it still didn’t work.
Then suddenly you forget everything. Every problem you are going through and remember that small child you met today who came running up to you leaving his own mommy to play with you, to be loved by you. And that little piece on earth gradually left a large smile on you face
And then you realize that good thoughts bring to you happy hours on a particular day of a year.



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