Knock! Someone’s at the door. Shit! Pretend like you’re asleep. Hash! Relax! Gone. Now the tears can roll down peacefully. Heavy heart. Chocked throat. What actually happened? What was so deep that hit her right there? Why are those tears?  What’s the reason? Oh no! So many questions. What if someone sees me or hears me? What will i answer? Wait!  Do i need to see a doctor?  No no!  Not that broken. I think i can mend it myself. But it’s pretty evident. My eye bags. How do i get rid of these puffy eyes. Let me put on my glasses. Now relax!  Remember people don’t love you because you are special, you are special because only a few people love you immensely, sometimes despite the way you are. I need to pamper myself or maybe i need someone else to do that for me. What do i need?  I need peace. I need love. But most of all i need strength. The strength to overcome every obstacle in my life. The strength which my father gave me, taught me. So, stop thinking much.
Forget everything.
Breathe! You can do it.
Fake a smile.
There you go.



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